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Favorite PWads

edited 2016 Jan 1 in Heretic
Greetings All!
I was just curious what PWads people play and which are favorites!
I've been thinking of building a database of PWads that work with DE, along with specifications - single player or multi - coop or deathmatch - all the information I can gather.

Is anyone interested in contributing information?


  • Just a quick update for anyone who is interested...
    I've decided to go forward with my project to build a database of PWads that work with DE 2.0 and jHRP 2.0 (although I will probably list wads that work in DE but not with jHRP 2.0).

    I've learned a lot in the testing I've done so far! (like how little I know!)

    One interesting thing is that wads that were created for other ports often work in DE.
    How well, I don't know, as I'm not spending days testing each one!
    I've tested well over 30 already and have over 150 in my collection so far!
    For now I'm just testing whether it loads, runs, and allows me to get through a level (or most of one).

    My goal is to host a couple of pages that allow browsing/searching and viewing of details. Perhaps SkyJake may want to put a link on the DE site who knows! I'm not sure about downloading the wad files, I have to do some research into the legality (lucky for me I have a client who is an intellectual property expert! LOL)

    IF anyone out there is interested in any way - please ping me and let me know!
    There's nothing worse than surfing your own web-site! :D
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