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DE 2.0 & PWads (ie; Heretic Treasure Chest wad)

edited 2015 Dec 10 in Heretic
Is anyone out there running DE 2.0 and playing HTChest.wad or any other PWad?
Are you able to load the wad with the command line in the new DE UI?


  • I've tried several other PWads, none work. Some segvio, others return "load failed". Using -vvv I saw in the .out that the file was found and it was loading but then it appears to shutdown. I didn't find any information but I may be missing it (there is a lot of info there).

    All I saw in .out was
    Calling DP_Unload 0x5e151480
    Unloaded game

    Then bam, the console shuts down as well.
  • PS: I am able to load/use these PWads just fine in 1.15.
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