Permanent tome of power (shazam cheat)?

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Is there any way to have a permanent tome of power set in JHeretic?


  • is this possible in dos heretic? if so then yes i think using the same method.
  • It is not possible in DOS Heretic (to my knowledge).

    How can I bind "shazam" to a key (X)?
  • if it's not possible in dos heretic then it's not possible here. there is no way to bind a key like that.
  • Gordon wrote:
    there is no way to bind a key like that.
    One can bind a console command to a key easily enough in Doomsday and that includes the console cheat commands like 'god' etc: Bindevent (Cmd)

    The problem is that, to my knowledge, there is no console equivalent to the Shazam cheat in Dday.
  • You can use the cheat console command to execute any cheat, e.g. "cheat shazam" should work, so you could then bind that to an input event, as vermil suggests:
    bindevent key-m-down "cheat shazam"

    Another option is to "give" (console command) yourself the tomb of power (also bindable).
  • I wasn't aware there was a 'cheat' console command; still now I am. Thanks for the information :)
  • How do I 'unbind' a key?
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