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Rotating Model X, Y, Z Axis (Weapon Vanishing Point Issue)

edited 2014 Apr 21 in Technical Support
Is there a way to rotate the X, Y and Z Axis of a model? More specifically the weapon models? I combed through the wiki but didn't find anything.

I ask this because it appears that the weapons do not share the same vanishing point as the point of view of the player. So a weapon pointing straight forward does not actually point at the cross-hairs.

I had actually compensated for this before by pivoting the actual models before exporting them to .md2 but that only worked up until about two versions ago of Doomsday Engine. Now the models appear to be pointing towards the ground at some different self-contained vanishing point which is not at the center of the players screen and is different from older versions.

Being able to rotate the axis through the DED would be much easier than readjusting and then reconverting every sub-model each time something changes.


  • Ok it would seem that the weapon issue is unique to my system. Something broke along the way and i'll have to figure out what it is. This thread is pointless now.
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