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The Mage's Tower of Hexen

edited 2015 Feb 16 in Addons for Hexen
Check it out :

I havn't explored the Heretic/Hexen universe of modding much over the years, but i'm surprised i've never come across or head of this guys mods. Still active too, and all his mods are made for Doomsday.

Why isn't he hanging around here or even NewDoom I wonder.


  • The site lives here now:

    His mods certainly have a lot of cool and interesting ideas even if they're a little weird in places.

    I can't seem to get Legend 8 to work in Doomsday 1.14.5 though. The launcher lists the DED but not the WAD as compatible, and if I try to force it by setting the add-on list to "show all" then Doomsday crashes.
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