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Secret Exits

edited 2013 Oct 5 in General
Hi, I have a question.
I'm fairly new as far as the scripting ded/xg and wanted to know how to change secrtet exits in a wad.
I have 4 secret exit in my wad.
One of them is Map02 which should lead to Map29.
I tried the following script

Line Type {
ID = 1001
Comment = "Go to next level when player crosses"
Flags = player_cross
Flags2 = when_act | any
Class = end_level
Count = 1
Time = 1
Secret Exit = Map29

After i cross the linedef the level is finish but i come in Map03.
How do I do the code that i start in Map29?

Sorry for my bad english. I hope you understand what i mean :)
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