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XG: Delaying the actions in a floor chain?

edited 2009 Sep 5 in General
Maybe this forum needs a generic editing questions sub forum (because there is a lot about editing/modding that isn't game specific or related to the source code)?

Anyways. I wish to make a floor chain which performs several actions over a certain time after it is activated (rather than having all the actions occur instantly).

Can it be done? I know that I can't simply link the floor chain into a normal chain.


  • As an example, a sector type that deals one point of damage to all players inside the sector once per second would be set up in the following way. The floor chain would be a line type that, when activated, deals a point of damage to its activator. Flags for the floor chain would be scef_player_a, which causes an activating Chain event to be sent for player mobjs. The floor chain counter would be set to
  • Indeed, I am aware about how to make a standard floor chain:

    Sector Type {
    ID = 20000;
    Floor chain = 20001;
    Floor chain flags = "scef_player_a";
    Floor chain min interval = 3;
    Floor chain max interval = 3;
    Floor chain count = -1;

    For instance the above activates the instant the player first steps on the sector then reactivates every 3 seconds if the player is still standing on the sector.

    However, I wish to make a floor chain that also performs some actions a short time after being activated (i.e like you delay line chain actions with FPx).

    Can this be done, or are floor chains limited to instant activation?
  • Sure it can be done but you need to rethink the problem slightly. Consider implementing your secondary delay in the line type (e.g., timed on/off).
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