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view-bob-weapons and view-bob-height

edited 2013 Aug 31 in General
Is there any way to lower these values ? all i can do right now is either turn them off or on it seems.

looking for a more modern style of movement.


  • Those Cvars take decimal point values between 0 and 1.
  • Yeah they do and 1 is default value and 0 is no bobing at all. And that goes for both vars. Just thought i might have missed something so i could make the weapons move a little bit less and also the height bob too.
  • And when i mean modern movement a good example of this can be seen in quake 1. Before the source ports changed the weapon bob it looked like shit.
    Ofc the doom engine doesnt look that bad, But it would be nice if you could have that option to make differnt styles of bobing for height and weapon. Or at the very least lower the default value so the weapons doesnt swing around as mutch and the screen doesnt move up and down from floor to ceeling.
  • These cvars adjust the "strength" of those animation effects. Set them close to zero and the range of movement is reduced accordingly. Presently one cannot choose different bob animations, however.
  • Are differnt bob animations and things like that going to be implemented ?
  • At some point yes.
  • DaniJ wrote:
    At some point yes.
    I know next to nothing about coding so may i ask is this feature something that can be hard to implement ?

    Also you have to agree that in quake 1 for example it really makes the game shine when the weapon bob is more modern.

    In risen 3d you can lower the value of both these vars and its really amazing how mutch it changes the feel of the game overall. I still prefer Doomsday though and i have been following this project since its begining.

    P.s I love what you are doing i really do thank you so very mutch for all your hard work =).
  • You can lower the value of both these cvars in Doomsday as well.

    They accept decimal point values; for instance typing 0.5 will lead to a bob half way between the default (1) and off (0).
  • devonrex wrote:
    I know next to nothing about coding so may i ask is this feature something that can be hard to implement ?
    In itself no, camera motion effects are not difficult and it would be relatively straight forward to hard code some additional effects and/or behaviors. What will take the most time is extending other systems, internal APIs and more accordingly. For example, I'm sure modders would like the ability to script camera motion effects themselves...
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