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Collision boxes above monsters - stuck

edited 2013 Jul 27 in General

Just wanted to ask about this as it is something that is causing some issues with populating a level with environmental models.

Basically two 'Things' mobj should not overlap, as this causes issues such as monsters stuck in Medpack pickups etc. That makes perfect sense as they are populating the same space.

However, I was hoping that something like a computer console hanging from the ceiling (Flags used for float and no gravity) and also include a collision box that monsters would be able to walk under it with no issues.

Yes the two 'Things' would occupy the same space vertically, but if looking at the collision boxes for both monster and ceiling object, the two boxes do not touch....or even come close.

I would have hoped that as the two are not colliding Mr monster would not act like its an invisible wall stoping him from moving onwards.

I expect not much can be done about this as its just the way it works and changing this would not be easy or possibly break game mechanics.......but no harm in brining it up just in case?

At the end of the day, I just want to have a collision box block projectiles, but allow monsters to walk under it......any kind of trickery works for me.


  • Yeah, Doom doesn't act like a true 3D game even now. You have to wonder what is up with that

    Edit: Maybe the new world renderer will also alleviate this issue.
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