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MD2 Models render location

edited 2013 Jul 25 in General
Hi Deng team,

I have a request, but dont know if it would be possible or if there is reasons behind it all etc

Anyway, getting to the point as im sure we all know game engines hide assets out of view from the player to keep fps up and memory usage in check etc

This is true for Doomsday which hides MD2 models when behind BSP and only starts to render them just before they appear on the players screen.

From my experiments this is calculated from the centre of the models position. As most things in Doom are square-ish, this works fine.

However, as I have been adding lots of new world models into the levels such as long pipes I am beginning to get effected by the engines way of hiding assets.

For example I create a long pipe as an MD2 model. The position is set in the middle, I then create a BSP piller next to this pipe. When the player looks at an angle were the piller is in front the MD2 models, the engine hides the MD2 model thinking It cant be seen as its centre is hidden. Obviously as the pipe is in fact long, pops in and out of view depending on the angle.

Usually as long as this is understood and MD2 models centres put in a good position it can mostly be avoided (the above example was extreme).

Having saying that, its still a bit of a pain. So is there any chance the 'range' or something can be increased so Md2 models will still render even if their centre point is hidden so many units away.....sort of like a threshold increase? I would not think this would effects performance much....if at all? It seems Doomsday can handle a lot of monsters on screen and still be fully playabale?

I can understand the reason for a tight limitation before, but would be great to see this increased now? (if possible)



  • Doomsday actually has such a logic in place already (in the case of a sprite this is determined by the radius, for a model the bounding box of the model's vertices is used). One can see it working with the jDRP (for example) as usually monsters do not "pop" into view when walking around a corner.

    I'd like to see a simple example add-on/model of the setup you are using so that we can see where it is failing in your case.
  • Ok cool,

    I shall put together an example room with a few models, particularly the models what are likely to cause an issue and also put in some BSP that can cause issues for the models when looked at in certain positions.

    Whats the best way to send this to you, email ?
  • It would be better to submit a report to our bug tracker and attach your example to it. This way it won't get lost and everyone can track progress.
  • I've been getting this too with relatively small objects. I was going to write a thread about this someday. Glad to see i'm not the only one.
  • Ok, have uploaded an example to the bug tracker, its a bit crude, but should demonstrate the issue.

    Maybe its just the way the models are setup, but cant really do it many other ways.

    Oh well, lets see what happens
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