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level name with level pack

edited 2013 Jun 13 in General
ok, for example i use doom2 and load some mappack

when i start level 1 of mappack game show me the name of first doom2 level, not the name of level i just launched

any advise?


  • Most likely the map author has not named their map as far as the engine is concerned. This can be done in several different ways but perhaps the easiest is to simply include a Map Info definition in the add-on.
  • edited 2013 Jun 12
    ok, using looks like official wad named "master levels" i see this


    and using google i can find names of maps and names of autors
    and using another doom engine it looks like this(correct name)
    but using dosbox, mapname like in first screenshot
  • The master levels do not include map name information. Presently the only way to resolve this and have the correct names shown would be to create a set of simple add-ons with the necessary Map Info definitions which one would load in conjunction with the master levels add-on(s). However, as they are all bound to the MAP01 slot this would be rather awkward in practice.

    At some point in the not to distant future I plan to implement built-in support for the master levels (treating them as an optional episode) but we aren't quite there yet.
  • Some sort of 'if' option in Map defs (or deds in general, which would probably be better) that would use X def, if the map comes from Wad Y, would be cool. Since something similar would probably also need to be done for eventual NRFTL support.

    A customizable version of the if X game mode fields if you will. I suppose such would require Dday to be able to skip blocks within ded's, rather than all from that point onward, though.

    Could have many other uses as well. For instance, if someone ever wanted to, they could write a bunch of dlight defs for the custom textures in various pwads and then stick them all in one giant ded with a bunch of if's. Then a user could run that ded with every pwad without issue (i.e they wouldn't have to check some readme to determine if they should disable the ded for pwad X, it just wouldn't have any effect, due to no 'if' statement being present in it for that pwad.
  • Indeed we already plan to do something along those lines, see the DED 2.0 proposal for more info.
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