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jHRP gameplay issues

edited 2013 May 29 in Heretic
First of all I love Heretic and I love playing it with Doomsday. But there are some small, very small things that I think need to be changed in the jHRP. It's kind of frustrating because they are so small of issues. And after seeing how awesome the Doom resource pack is its a shame that this can't be as good. I'm going to make a list here.

-The gauntlets. These are terrible I mean who designed the lightning effect for these. They don't even show up in doomsday when you are walking around. Switching to the original versions are a million times better.
-The crossbow does not look too great. It's adequate tho I guess. I do not much like the crossbow ammo pickup model either.

-I happen to like all the enemy models. Only problem is the Evil Wizards are missing an important animation. It would be alot cooler if they raised their hands up before firing at you like in the original. But its adequate I suppose.

-That brings me to the main problem in the jHRP which is the projectiles. First off the Evil Wizards shoot a triple projectile at you that is so transparent that you cannot even see it much less dodge it. The gargoyles projectile seems to accelerate times 1000 you see them like a mile away shooting it, then all of a sudden it is hitting you. The crossbow bolts that you shoot seem to hit enemies at start of the game but after a while once you get farther in the game, you will notice the bolts are going right through some enemies. The skulls the golem's fire do not even have flame and look terrible. Alot of the projectile's speeds, are obviously off.

Fortunately all the projectiles can be changed back to their original sprites and original behaviours by opening up the appropriate .pk3 file and deleting or renaming the offending file. Not super easy tho, and kind of a pain.

Ironically, one of the projectiles is really well done, and that is of course the throwing axe thrown by the skeletons.

Anyone with me on this? B-)

I am playing thru the game again, and maybe some of these things have been improved since I last played it since there seems to be a "newer" version of the jHRP posted on doomsday site. But I think all it fixed was maybe the crystal vial not showing up, because I heard no one is working on the jHRP anymore. Kind of a shame since it is so close to completion...

any thoughts?


  • Your descriptions of some of the projectiles kind of sound like the generator limit is being overrun.

    I thought the JHRP had long been clensed of the majority of poorly made generators.

    But then, you do mention the version on the Dday website looks newer than yours; you could be using an older version of the JHRP from before the generators were tweaked.
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