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Is there any possible way to archive the New Doom forums? There are certain things there that I'm worried will be lost... For example, it seems there is currently no maintainer of the Heretic Resource pack (unless I'm mistaken). I remember a few weapon models and such released (like the Hellstaff model), but I'm not sure if anyone ever packaged them. I'm worried those download links will be lost, and nobody will be able to find them again... There were also a lot of Hexen textures that were created, but I'm not sure if those were ever packaged either.


  • There is no maintainer for any Jpack.

    It's up to a random member of the community to add any new models, textures, whatever to the packs and then email/post it somewhere that Deng team can see it and hence upload it to the site.
  • If you're so inclined, you can go to the print view of a thread, set posts-per-page to some amount higher and then save it as HTML. You'll have to do it for each page if applicable, but it's a fairly simple method.
  • Maybe this should be a new topic but adding it here as it relates to New Doom. Moderators can decide that.

    Funny, I just get a new computer and interested in JDoom again, then a week later I get a email from New Doom forums telling me I have to pay to make any posts at their forum. WOW...

    I haven't made a map or been much concerned about that forum for 3-4 years or so. Bored with mapping since I learned to map with WadAuthor and could never understand DoomBuilder. {everybody went to ZDoom and left this old dinosuar behind} Thinking now how they really misunderstand their importance to the Dooming community. Bought up, sold off. I don't know though, is Doomworld now charging admission also?

    Anyway, I'm just here and signed up because JDoom/Doomsday Engine was my first and favorite port always. I don't know what ancient version it was that I discovered way back when, the same version used to make the Doom64 TC, I imagine.

    I thought it was the most awesome thing to ever happen to Doom. It was like a whole new game to see those maps I had played 100 times before in a different way. With ZDoom emerging, I felt Doomsday was losing track and going off in a different direction I could never understand. The old saying goes: "If it ain't broken, don't fix it!" but my old JDoom was being improved in ways I still don't understand.

    Soon, my damned old Windows98 machine couldn't handle it anymore. I bought a new one and reluctantly accepted XP instead of 98 and that didn't work either. No more beautiful, gorgeous JDoom unless I find an old version. "This Snowberry shit is for the fucking birds of winter!" I went to GZDoom as the port of choice for years, and that took a lot of configuring to get to work with an NVidia card. When that machine died, I went with ATI Radeon again.

    This machine runs Pariah, Painkiller, Postal2, NecroVision, Doom3, Stalker, faster and better than ever before. Some I could never even play before, and I'm sure you all know which ones. {and ALL with FREE forums, I must add!}

    So an old Doomer always finds his way back. I am just certain that NOW, FINALLY, I can get back into that awesomness that is the Doomsday Engine! But no. Some old rivalry you guys have that I never understood? Hatred of ZDoom I understand, but hatred of ATI I cannot understand. I am disappointed that these bugs are written off as closed.

    I just wait, as a member now, until there comes a compatible version for Radeon cards. And I will, because JDoom is too great to ever give up on. :)
  • Who said anything about hating ATI? Or that the bugs in question were closed (they are not)?

    The facts of the situation are that there are couple of really minor rendering issues that only seem to manifest with certain ATI driver revisions. Neither skyjake or I use ATI cards. The only one of us that could feasibly fix the problem at present is myself, by slotting an ATI card into my development system.

    Lately, we've had to relocate the forum, the homepage, release Doomsday 1.9.0-beta6.3 and still find time for the day to day running of the project.

    All I'm asking is to give us a chance. There are far more pressing issues than a couple of minor rendering glitches affecting only a part of our user base.
  • Well that wasn't what I meant. I learned this because you told me before about this problem. I know now you that I know, and now I know you know that I know you I know, and now I know you know I know that you know. I was not attacking anyone, but just keeping the problem alive.

    You all use Nvidia? Nobody ever told me that. Well I'll not give up Painkiller and NecroVisioN for any god damned Doom map!
  • I have an ATI onboard card but can't test for them because ATI provided shitty Drivers for linux
  • If it is of any use, I have lots of files in my pc, like heretic resource pack, texturepack, user interface pack and hexen alike.
  • i don't know about you but i do have an ATI card and i can't use the latest drivers as my vid card is not supported witch means i need to resort back to 8.6 or 8.5 of the drivers to do anything with opengl and i know that onbord would not be supported by the new drivers at all and evan if i had linux i would be switch back to windows as any problem with new drivers would be apperent.
  • The only one of the developers that had regular testing on ATI was myself psyren, and I don't work on doomsday anymore (although I do play it, and very closely monitor development of it, for reasons I'm sure DaniJ would understand ;) )

    The two big problems with ATI support were 1) Doomsday used to assume it was on a Nvidia card based on the opengl extensions it used, and 2) The ATI binary drivers didn't work as advertised.

    Looking at dgl_common.c it appears support for ATI extensions was added. as well as incomplete ARB support. Now, I'd hazard a guess that ATI has depreciated ATI specific functions in favour ARB in new drivers. One way that this could be fixed is if the logic in that file is changed to use the ARB extensions first, then try Nvidia/ATI specific. That should force (some/all ??) rendering errors to appear on the developers Nvidia cards as they would need to fix ARB support. Alternatively you can play ATI driver roulette and keep changing it until you find one that works before the renderer gets rewritten to use shaders.
  • ATI drivers are a disgrace, they're essentially useless for everything but the very latest software/games. I'm using a piece of crap GeForce6 card from a thousand years ago with long obsoleted drivers and JDoom beta 6 runs wonders.
  • ATi's are actually very good at what they were originally designed fore - low powered and/or integrated hardware accelerators for Direct3D acceleration targetted at the end-user as opposed to hardkore gamer. That is, Mobile/Embedded systems and HTPC's which need a H.264 decoder for example. nVidia made a HUGE shitty mistake with that, you had to first PAY for PureVideo to get H.264 decoding (DXVA-capable codecs made all this redundant though - ffdshow and K-Lite Codec Pack and all those free ones don't have anything to do with this). ATi however always had hardware-utilizing MPEG-4 decoders built into the Catalyst driver set. ATi were the first to create DirectX 10 cards too. With that said, the AMD/ATi 780G (or newer) based motherboards are literally the best Home Theatre PC one could ever get for nearly half the price of an Intel/nVidia equivalent (thanks to the Radeon HD3200 IGP).

    The fact is, ATi were always the underdog compared to nVidia. It's the same story with AMD and Intel the way it is now and pretty much always was (give and take) - anybody who goes for AMD at the moment for a new upgrade (like I did a couple of months ago) is either an over-zealous and ignorant fanboy, or got it at an amazing price (I was the latter). Or maybe they feel a little noble in "sticking up for the little guy" (thats a little bit of me too I guess :P )

    Something tells me that when the new rendering engine comes along, which hopefully uses a 100% OpenGL 2.0 render instance, the line between ATi Vs nVidia will fade away. AFAIK, OpenGL2 is the minimum required for programable shaders (maybe i'm getting mixed up with OGL3?). This is a silly thing though, the reason why Direct3D is so great is because it is all standardised. If the card is DirectX9, it supports every single Direct3D command for that generation. But then, we loose OSX and Linux support.

    {End uber-g33k rant}

    Back on topic, the entire Newdoom site is already archived. Take a look here -*/

    Web Archive even mirrors/archives a lot of file attatchments believe it or not, however it seems that larger ones are not. I'm not sure of the exact criteria Web Archive has, but the only thing you'd be worried about loosing from Newdoom is exactly that - all the files and attatchments. But the threads and discussions themselves are safe. I've used the archive many times actually, because Newdoom is always crashing and failing =))
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