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Doomsday engine window could not be opened

edited 2013 Jan 14 in Technical Support
Version 1.9.8 with Windows 7 64-bit SP1, sometimes after setup and playing the game for a while, after restarting computer, I cannot open engine window with menus. If I go "start->all programs->Doomsday engine->and clieck icon Doomsday engine, it appears below at the taskbar, but I still see my empty desktop.

Imagine if you have extended desktop to a TV, and you want open any program or window to primary desktop, but it goes to TV. This is how it acts for me now, but desktops are not extended. It just doesn´t show anything else but icon at task bar.

Only way to deal with this, is to wipe my doomsday engine profile under my documents, then it starts fresh and I have to set all the settings all over again.

This has happened to me 2 times, during one week of use...


  • Don't minimize the Doomsday Frontend, there is a known issue with that not working correctly on Windows. If you have done, right click the task name in the taskbar and restore/maximize it again.
  • Same thing happend to me today with version. It got minimaized somehow behind the taskbar, and I couldn´t opened it.
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