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wolfenstein 3D

edited 2013 Jun 7 in General
it is possible that one day the doomsday engine support wolfenstein 3D?


  • I doubt it. It is a completely different game engine. DOOM, Heretic, and Hexen use the same one IIRC. There are third party Wolf3D engines out there. I don't know which ones.
  • Kind of off topic, but has anyone seen this: It is hilarious but kind of bad and vulgar but supposed to be a Doom addon or something. I found the video last year.
  • The Gangsta is funny. Of course, to be really 'true' he has to have his pants at half-mast and fire his guns with his wrists rotated at 90 degrees :D

    On that note, another game dosen't exactly 'support' it as it's a mod, but I thought you'd get a few giggles out of this:

    and this:
  • Hey, sorry to necro a thread that's over a year old but when I see someone getting the wrong answer I feel compelled to make sure the correct one is provided.

    Quote from DaniJ:
    Our ultimate goal for Doomsday is to create an engine capable of supporting all 2.5d FPS games, including Wolfenstein3D. We've still got a long way to go before supporting non-DOOM engine based games becomes feasible though the 2.0 rewrite is a very significant step towards that goal.

    So yes, ultimately Wolfenstein3D will be playable in Doomsday.
    Full discussion here:
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