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Regarding various versions of IWAD's, does Deng compensate?

edited 2009 Aug 11 in General
[Mainly directed at developers]

As you know there's different IWAD versions of Doom/Heretic/Hexen. I remember with older sourceports it was a must to have the latest-patched (i.e. Final) IWAD version for whatever game you were running otherwise bugs would occur.

My question is, does Doomsday behave the same way? Or is there already enough updated code in Deng which makes IWAD patching not necessary?

Reason I ask is because, if any of these errors are related to incorrect IWAD versions, I have archived the various versioned IWAD's and could make some patchfile-exe's (with coldfusion or something) for the Wiki. But if it's not necessary feel free to lock this thread :)


  • It is always a good idea to use the very latest versions of the IWADs with Doomsday. Although this is really only of significant importance with Hexen, as jHexen expects the 1.1 version (there is actually quite a lot of differences between the two including some important script fixes).

    However for the most part, we are IWAD version independent and most should work just fine.
  • I think both the CD-ROM and Steam version are version 1.1. I might run some tests (with mods too) on the different Doom 2 versions though, i remember other ports had interesting differences.
  • Well is there a program or something that would tell what version of an IWAD is being used? I'm supposing that Doom Collector's Edition uses the latest versions, but I have no idea with Heretic or Hexen.
  • there was a tool called 'doom wad checker' or something like that but i think its ancient. I think you can patch any copy of heretic to the serpant riders latest one, and as for hexen im not sure how to tell.
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