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Cyberden Question

edited 2009 Aug 9 in General
I remember this being addressed on the NewDoom forums, but it's probably buried in there now.

In Cyberden, you can see the Cyberdemons but they can't see you.

Surrounding them is a sector where the floor is raised to 1 unit below the ceiling.

This doesn't appear to work in Doomsday, as you see a texture, so you can't see the Cyberdemon and the Cyberdemon can't see you.

I remember DaniJ making a post on this on the other forums explaining it and it was something related to DE.

I'm telling ya, when DE 2.0 is out, it is going to be VERY good.


  • This is yet another of those DOOM rendering tricks that I plan to implement support for before the 2.0 release. Versions of Doomsday prior to 1.9.0-beta4 featured a degree of support for this particular trick. Unfortunately though, the logic wasn't quite right and although it fixed some instances it also introduced many more rendering glitches, particularly affecting other common deep water and 3d bridge tricks.

    For 1.9.0-beta5 I removed most of the failed, doom-trick support algorithms to try and return the renderer to a blank canvas in preparation for another attempt at support (I think we've got a handle on it now and I think that support for 99% of common rendering tricks is doable).
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