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2014 May 27
Last Active
Mar 7, 19:41


  • Well I think you really should work on new renderer of course. That looks pretty interesting, I am sure the performance will be automatically better if you use latest OpenGL/Vulkan.
  • Well, I upgraded my PC to a AMD ThreadRipper 1950x (32gigs of 3200mhz RAM also), and FPS jumped from 9fps poor to something like 19fps, but performance is still very unacceptable. Is there any performance improvements coming up in the future? It'…
  • Cool, hopefully we'll get a fix.
  • I played it through with sigil_compat.wad. I dunno if it's r9 fury drivers (latest ones) or prob in new renderer what this dengine nowadays has. OS is Win10 Pro. I managed to complete sigil on UV however, turning resolution down didn't help FPS prob…
  • Yep, my idea was more about that doomsday engine needs it's own openworld mod, tested, bugfixed and with good performance and it would be great benchmark also to develop the engine. Been having fun today with DoomOne with gzdoom however, but it woul…
  • Just a quick reminder that it still doesn't work. I have latest version.
  • Is this still under development? I upgraded like half year newer version and sadly it's still not working.
  • https://www.dropbox.com/s/v00df6k5to40al3/DoomSav6.save Yeah here we go. It would be corrupted game.
  • Okay Okay. I think you just tried to load the map with IDCLEV code, which of course works, but somehow it doesn't work when you load up the map26 save and enter the exit to get on with map 27. Fascinating.
  • Thanks for the input. Hmmmm. In the eternall playthrough I have fixed my corrupted profile 2 times by deleting the config files from frontend file also. Was thinking if something else is also broken and corrupted and prevents it to load. Sometimes e…
  • Application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Doomsday\Bin\Doomsday.exe Created a new 32.0 MB memory volume. Config::read: modules/Config matches version [ 2, 0, 0, 1318 ] Executable: Doomsday Engine 1.15.0 [#1318] (Unstable 32-bit) Aug 1…
  • I think there are now 2 vital feature requests for next version. :-w EDIT: It now finally works. Somehow the doom configs got corrupted, perhaps by the reasons mentioned above.
  • I found something called "doomsday frontend" from documents folder. How I can properly unistall these and make sure I won't run into registry corruption as this is clearly undocumentend thing on doomsday and no user permissions haven't ever asked ab…