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2009 Aug 24
Last Active
2009 Sep 10


  • I tried megaupload (I even have a free account with them from way back when), and when I press browse it simply doesn't do anything. Mediafire's still doing the same...... Maybe my computer's too much of a piece of crap (I already knew that ). I've …
  • Well, how do I get it there? Do I just email it to you and ask, or is there some magic site that I haven't been able to find that will let me upload it to there? And, to be truly honest I really don't like rapidshare's stupid crap (remember trying …
  • Here is a pinky, it isn't too much better (aside from bigger teeth/horns, and a couple of various small fixes). The ammo clip managed to screw up it's UV so I don't have it at the moment. Ummm.... mediafire hates me at the moment, and the "Upload…
  • So, I'm having some real entertainment trying to add vertices to the animated models in Blender..... it really seems intent on not letting me keep them. Anybody have any clues? Anyways, are the frame speeds in .md2s set, or is there some magic wa…
  • I'm just building on the models that are already there, mainly on the ones that really need a makeover (pinky, cyberdemon, etc.) and other various ones that could use a little bit more detail. Anywho, I really didn't get anything done yesterday, …
  • Batteryman wrote: There is a another model format that should be considering, COLLADA model format, witch support:
  • Awesome, I've finished the ammo clip model (just to get the feel of importing/exporting, get the rythm down ya know), and I'm thinking about making the texture... not pcx.... maybe a little bit bigger, more detailed a little bit, etc.