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2016 Jan 9
Last Active
2016 Aug 26


  • I am complete agree with you!!! hexen is one of the best puzzle-fps ever made (hexen 2 is the best of all the time)...I hope that its retextured project 'll be perfect like heretic (that I have finished 2-3 years ago with doomsday).
  • Hi guys, The language is russian; but don't worry because it's multi-2...russian and english!!!a way to work it in english is from menù game but it's hard...I don't know russian like you ...but a second way is from *.ini file. Later i'll post a li…
  • Hi Harley51, try this: http://hexen2retex.narod.ru/ download the file and put all the contents in your hexen 2 main folder, then double click on jshexen 2.exe . For me is the best hexen 2 project and the last update is november 2015.
  • Hi DavidInvenio, thanks for your hard work. I have a request: can you edit the pk3 file to put inside its the best texture hd about heretic? Take this link https://www.quaddicted.com/webarchive/w ... s+Wand.zip If you try this you'll be able…
  • Great work Skyjake, well done!!!! =D> =D> =D> =D> Now add-on file work fine. last question off-topic...this is the last compilation pack of textures, weapon, skin, ecc... about heretic?...or there is some better? Anyway thanks a lo…
  • Hi Postfatal, yes is exactly the same thing happen to me...I try many browser but at the end nothing change, the problem remain. Try the link that I post some post before and tell me if it works: I try that pack on win 7 and works but on windows 10…
  • Yes, Trying everythings but none have worked. Did you check the link in my last post; is better or no than the file pk3 in your archive? Anyway the problem still remain (
  • I have solved find another texture pack on web; after small research i have found this https://www.quaddicted.com/webarchive/w ... s+Wand.zip But i don't know if this is bettere o worst then the pk3 in your file archive...I hope to get work yo…
  • Download it again and again but always same error. I think is not a server issue because hexen work fine with all the add-on...is just heretic don't work. You have tried to download it and start doomsday with it? You got the same error or all work f…
  • Hi Gordon, I have just tried with firefox under win 7 and nothing is changed; get the same error. Yes if I change the extension of the file from "pk3" to "zip" i can open it with winrar and it is fully extraible to any directory without any decompr…
  • Ok I try to download it with chrome and microsoft edge (under win 10), chrome and internet explorer (under windows 7) but nothing happened....always i get the same error; I use 2 different computer and internet but the end is the same. The file is 7…
  • Hi skyjake, it's a honour to meet you. Yes the file size is smaller then the size you say (my file is about 64 MB), can you give me a working link? Or re-up in your site?...I really wanto to play in high texture ;-) Thanks for all you have done!