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2013 Oct 3
Last Active
Jan 2, 03:56


  • windows 10 64bit (1903) nvidia 436.30 doomsday 2.1.1 sigil 1.21
  • I change the map using the GUI Server Shell provided. I use it from windows, but my server is a linux server. I've never tried changing it with actual commands. I do use commands on singleplayer.
  • I ended up stuck on the end screen after mission 2, I will try with the compat wad next time. You can test quickly with the leavemap command. EDIT: re-tested both compat worked regular one, got stuck after mission 2
  • I've seen other websites switch their IRC to discord. Maybe discord is easier to understand for new users?
    in IRC channel Comment by Makaki 2019 Jun 3
  • I haven't yet played both compat and non-compat all the way. But using cheats to get the rotation going I can note following differences: * Episode selection / Episode name seems better algined in non-compat version. * Warp command doesn't work …
  • Well, I tried loading both files as addons using the GUI and i get an error: sigil.ded SIGIL.WAD
  • how do we use this file? I'm on Windows Doomsday 2.1.1
  • On the bottom right of the main screen (where all your installed iwads are organized) There's a clickable button that says "ESC Taskbar" On my PC, I can just press escape, but it's clickable too. There you will find a little gear icon and insi…
  • Yeah, i got no idea how to patch that in Can someone make a patch that at least kills the server? Then we just have to restart it externally. At least it won't stay stuck if the episode ends.
  • After reading the bug, I think the solution would be to repeat the episode and not change the episode. At least for now. Changing the episode would seem part of a more advanced feature, like chaining episodes together, or simply a vote system. …
  • That's what I ended up doing to test it, but I wanted to test the doomday-shell-text tool as is. The same tool on my windows computer and GUI, has it's own option for specifying the custom location. And I imagine the GUI version on linux does as …
  • In my experience with Debian packages. Addons that are not essential to the main program (like snowberry) are usually separate packages, and marked as either suggested or recommended. Some programs are segmented even more. Wouldn't be uncommon to…
  • Also, once the popup does show correctly without crashing (like when typing "update"), I can't seem to re-create the crash by typing "upd" and {TAB}{TAB}. But I can close the game, open it. And then do "upd" {TAB}{TAB} and that will crash it.
  • This fixed it for me: bindevent global:key-apostrophe-down+key-shift-up taskbar bindevent console:key-apostrophe-down+key-shift-up taskbar
  • This is an EN-US keyboard, mapped as EN-US (Windows 7) The button itself without shift is in fact an ` apostrophe (aka: backquote, backtick, grave accent) With shift I get the ~ Tilde
  • Thanks for the update. on my keyboard it reports as key-apostrophe-down and key-apostrophe-up. (instead of tilde) I guess it could be added as default binds too? and make it redundant? Also, what's up with the bind on line 41 that I reported b…
  • Thanks for the info. I tried clearing the binds and setting the default, as well as the 2 commands given. And tilde doesn't work on my setup. I can however access the taskbar with Shift+Esc. By the output given by the taskbar/console it seems …