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2009 Jun 11
Last Active
2014 Jul 11


  • JonusC: I know about modular music, and track sequence as IT,XM,MOD And frankly i'v done alot of crazy stuff, but i feel it doesnt work out too well, beacuse its so much fiddling whit it. And that Soundcanvas emulator, that one is poor horseshit, …
  • JonusC wrote: Getting back on topic, what program would you guys recommend that supports MD2 well, in addition to other possible-future formats? It'd be nice to practice and learn in a program and not have to completly change our software :P S…
  • There is a another model format that should be considering, COLLADA model format, witch support:
  • JonusC wrote: Batteryman wrote: May i suggest OBJ, from Wavefront Technologies, its seems to be a very supported format. But i'm not sure how to attach an skeleton animation to it, if thats even possible. But it defently support specular map…
  • skyjake wrote: JonusC wrote: Also, to the devs, whats the estimated timespan for MD3 models do you think? I can say that MD3 models (or some other more modern format -- though MD3 is the leading candidate atm) are 100% definitely on the r…
  • Kresjah wrote: Pretty much what the title says, I'm toying with some modelling for the engine, and I'd like to know if the engine supports 2-sided normals or if I'd had create back faces as seperate elements. Normally i dont think it does, …
  • By any day, like other days, i whas sitting and playing whit my SC-88PRO , "no i didnt take it out to the kindergarten, and played hide and seek",.. however, i did some searching on the internett for some more tech test for the SC-88pro, and by some…