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2009 Jun 9
Last Active
Dec 10, 15:59


  • I agree with deus ex that the eyes look like they are looking in an odd direction and that the over all model looks a bit small. I also think the super chaingun muzzle flair looks a bit small.
  • skyjake wrote: » That sounds quite odd. Are you sure your installation of Doomsday is “clean”, that is, there are no files from different versions in the same directory structure or perhaps on any search path or environment variable? I have…
  • I'm pleased that Dday boots up much quicker these days (the last stable release took a very long time to start). Though Dday has long often crashed while starting up for me, with errors about failing to load console font 18 and not finding paths …
  • What is being displayed in slx's post is the TNT hi-res replacement for BLODGR.
  • By default Dday only displays models for mobjs up to 1500 units away from the player. This can be changed to infinite in the renderer appearance menu. Taskbar/renderer/appearance (the wheel icon next to appearance).
  • I think the demon model looks a little big and could be scaled down a bit. One thing that GZDoom video does is remind me that Deng team may have at one point been thinking about adding liquid splashes to Doom; long ago, there were unused sound de…
  • Compared to ZDoom, Dday's documentation is more programmer skewed in my opinion.
  • The 'alwayslit' flag does go in the mobj def. It adds a light decoration to every state of that mobj and the state doesn't have to be full bright. Bare in mind, that if you don't provide a light def for any mobj state, Dday will attempt to automa…
  • EDIT: Delete me. My theory was incorrect.
  • The mobj state needs to be full bright: State { ID = "POSS_ATK2"; Sprite = "POSS"; Frame = 5; Flags = fullbright; Tics = 8; Action = "A_PosAttack"; Next state = "POSS_ATK3"; } Light { State = "POSS_ATK2"; Flags = nohalo; Color { .82…
  • Sorry, the official name for shinemaps are reflection defintiions: https://manual.dengine.net/ded/reflection?s[]=reflection Up to 16 light decorations can be placed on a texture or flat. Only 1 can be placed on a mobj state (i.e sprite) and unles…
  • Dday doesn't support bright maps on sprites or textures. With textures you can use shine maps or light decorations to achieve a similar effect though.
  • Dday has no ability to add new weapons, only replace. Dday has both Map Info and console commands for globally adjusting sector light levels: 'Ambient light = 0.0/1' and 'rend-light-ambient' 0-255 respectively. But they can only be used to incre…
  • When I made Corr7TC for Doomsday, in the past, I replaced a weapon with one that called a console command that toggled light amp googles on/off (i.e switching to it turned the googles on, switching to a different weapon turned them off). So like …
  • Theoretically, one might be able to do it by replacing a weapon with a modified one that fires a dlight emitting projectile constantly. But probably not.
  • Your coloured fog definitions don't define any music; coloured fog and music are both defined in Map info definitions. In the very old days Dday used to include internal map info definitions that filled in any gaps in the loaded definitions. When…
  • 1) I'm afraid we need more information. Do you mean the intermission background isn't displayed, but the text displays for instance? 2) Ddays renderer is designed for older computers and doesn't work as well on modern computers. Skyjake is workin…
  • On the home page, scroll to the packages tab and press the configure data files button to open a tab where you can load an add-ons folder that contains pwads (like the Master Levels). Then scroll to the Doom tab and press the box button next to t…
  • That would potentially break the appearance of the Final Boss in both Final Doom episodes and every mod that aligns the texture correctly?
  • I wonder why such a feature is hidden behind the alt key?
  • Ok, my mistake. It's possible the Freedoom Iwad has been updated and hence Dday needs to be updated to support it?
  • I believe Freedoom is for Boom. Dday doesn't support very much of Boom and hence support for Freedoom probably won't come until Dday gets full Boom support.
  • The Doom and Heretic registered game modes are for the original three episode releases of both games. Ultimate Doom and Heretic SOTR, the versions which are more common these days, are the expanded versions with four and five episodes respectivel…
  • deus-ex wrote: » KuriKai wrote: » that gap on the left would be the wall, and the horns would be inside the wall. We are not talking about a gap on the far left. It is about what appears to be a visual gap in kars texture right to the sku…
  • Doomsday supports external sprite replacements, just like ZDoom. Just, likely, a different folder structure.
  • Brutal Doom makes very heavy use of ZDoom specific modding features that would either need to be rewritten for Doomsday's modding features or are simply not currently possible with Doomsday's modding features.
  • The spectre uses a rendering method that is apparently extremely difficult, if not impossible, to replicate in 3d accelerated ports. https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Partial_invisibility_effect
  • Values definitions are Doom only I am afraid. https://tracker.dengine.net/issues/1445
  • Dday doesn't support ZDoom 'MAPINFO', only Vanilla HeXen 'MAPINFO'. Dday has it's own syntax for defining map progression. Called 'Map Info'. https://manual.dengine.net/ded/map_info https://manual.dengine.net/ded/episode