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2017 Mar 19
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Oct 21, 06:08
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  • Wow, it's great to see you are working on this again! I just downloaded it but I will have to try it after work tomorrow, I got to get some sleep. I will let you know what I think after I try it out!
  • I have the version after you edited it right here. I really like it.. I am using it right now with my mod, which I decided to start again from scratch. I hope you or some one else can improve it although I like it as is and will continue to use it w…
  • I downloaded you're edited version of the doomgore pk3. I like it better than the original. I want to include it in a mod I'm making for Doom 1 and 2. I would of course credit you for the changes you made, but did you ever add any more to it since y…
  • I also found this online, it sais it was updated 10 months ago. https://tracker.dengine.net/issues/1580 It appears to me that the D64 plugin included in the new Doomsday Engine is only partial and needs data "manually" added to it to make it work. I…