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2010 Jan 6
Last Active
Feb 23, 19:18


  • In a few days, I´m planing to start the coop maraton again, starting from E1M1. Is there anyone intrested to attend? Probably we will be playing for hours, passing one entire episode during one evening session. There are 2 ways to for contacting me:…
  • Nice to see this project is active! So is it like that, the 1.9.10 will be the last release before Doomsday 2?
  • Very nice to see this project is still under improvement. About 6 months ago we player through all Doom episodes and only one bug we noticed, was that players do not see each other weapons property. Almost every time player figures are running with …
  • yannara wrote: This might instrest developers. I see this behaviour first time after upgrading to 1.9.8-1 http://a6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/s480x480/534477_10151023523138826_843567108_n.jpg http://a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos…
  • Other players figure not showing weapons, just fists, is the most of last bugs you have in the engine. Additionally, I noticed when a player gathers invisibility look (predator look), weapons are showed propertly.
  • Is there any way to make items respawn in coop mode? In difficult maps, with middle skill we some time have issue that our ammo just ends...
  • This might instrest developers. I see this behaviour first time after upgrading to 1.9.8-1 http://a6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/s480x480/534477_10151023523138826_843567108_n.jpg http://a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/s480x480…
  • TNT MAP30, the head shooting monsters cannot be killed, I´ve been shooting there for ages and nothing happends. We don´t miss, because mouse look is used.
  • In Doom2, in coop game, at least in firts levels, weapons are placed as they would be in DM. So it means, that I can collect all types of weapons in first level. This is not like it suppose to be in original coop.
  • I´m launching Doom 2 coop walkthrough in 10 minutes.
  • Yesterday we played coop game with 4 players, and the latest joined was like a ghost. Couldn´t pick any items and monsters didn´t notice him at all. Another question - is there any way to configure the server, that in coop mode items, ammos and w…
  • We will continue with Ultimate Doom E3M1 in 5 hours. My server will be viewed in public server list.
  • While mastering the dedi server, I couldn´t set any items or ammos to respawn, this seems have no effect: server-game-respawn = 1
  • Ok, I could now see the stastics in multigame, I had wrong key mapped. But now I found another bug - some players in multiplay cannot read other players text. But they can type.
  • We are launching big deathmatch and coop game in 15min with 3-4 players. Welcome! Name: yannara's dedi doom
  • I setup a group in Facebook for multiplaying, maybe this will triggers some action here ) http://www.facebook.com/groups/447500731951608
  • Sorry for this amateur report, if there is any instructions how to report, I will fallow it, just paste me the links: - during 1 hour play there was few crushes of clients, returned their desktop with segmental violation (I couldn´t paste entire …
  • Yep, same problen for me, that this engine / mod or Doom game is not so popular and there is rare players who are aware of this, and are instrested of nostalgia doom [:) I can run my own dedi server and we can play whatever we like. I don´t know…
  • Nice, disabling "use texture compression" helped my performance significally!
  • WhoW! Disabling ""use texture compression"" really helped me out here! <:-P
  • DaniJ wrote: Does disabling those extensions have a bearing on this? If I start a game without any graphical imporvement add-ons, it runs fine. I tried to track, which one of these add-ons makes the game to glitch, but it feels like there i…
  • Is it so, that with 1.9.7 or 1.9.8 I cannot host and play a network game on the same host/machine? Is doomsday now dedicated only?
  • gary wrote: Will this work: http://www.gamefront.com/files/17328814 ... fixes.pk3/ It was on this thread: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=439 and is the pack I use. Excelent, now I got it! Thanks!
  • Doing some background search, I realized that 1.9.8 and even 1.9.7 were released way ahead after lates texture pack, so I believe I´m phasing version incompatibility here. Any knowledge, when to wait for the next graphics improvement? Another opt…
  • In previous beta versions I had not problem to use texture packs, so I doubt that my knowledge would be the issue here. In C:\Program Files (x86)\Doomsday\snowberry\addons I have several files extracted: deng-dhtp-20111231.pk3 jdrp-packaged-2…
  • Is it possible to use 3D textures in 1.8.6?
  • Greetings! I'm soo waiting for working multiplayer client of DOOM! I've tryed to play it so many times, but always there was some little problems or bugs. We managed to play Doom2 through as 2 player coop. But death match with more that 2 players di…
    in Game on? Comment by yannara 2010 Nov 17
  • DaniJ wrote: This problem typically occurs when the client hasn't opened the correct ports. Both TCP and UDP must be open for communication on the specified port. Okay, that´s new for me, that also client needs to open the ports, but we wil…
  • KuriKai wrote: Doomsday multiplayer is broken in the 1.9 beta's to play multiplayer you should be using deng 1.8.6 Yes, we do both use 1.8.6
  • I am that friend, so I am hosting the game, 13209 tcp and udp ports are open. I can participate the game, but the clint side can´t. We also don´t see other´s movement. The client site player can move, but now shooting or doors opening. Host game pla…