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2015 Aug 31
Last Active
2018 Oct 12


  • Great! Good to hear still progressing, really a fun time these models are super high rez and really well done. Thanks for the updates, I enjoy this as much as the new Doom!
  • Great work! I enjoyed all the 3D models, looking forward to new additions, the Cacodemons really look amazing! Nice lightning effect when attacking and I like checking out the model after he has met his maker!
  • Looks great, I appreciate your wear-with-all to complete this project. I can imagine it is quite a bit of work, I would like to see some write ups on the net or games magazines to announce your work. Keeping classic Doom alive you are mates!
  • Great to hear! I notice you are also active in the Duke3d community. Thanks for all your work. I hope you get recognized either with a good paid modeling job for your work, or something of value to you. Your work is extremely high quality. I am al…
  • How are things going? I still would like to see these baddies finished. Any news? Are you busy playing the new DooM?
  • Great update! I'm looking forward to the release, so many projects and games these days, this one is right up there as a must watch!
  • KuriKai wrote: We are working on making models, but none are ready to show sorry. They will be coming, and we hope to have some ready for the stable doomsday 2.0 release So excited, thank you! The work so far looks amazing!
  • triantac wrote: Any news? Any new videos? It would be great to be able to play with these models and the ones for Heretic look great too! Is there any other place to find out about these models? I really am a fan of voxels and 3d mods, t…
  • Any news? Any new videos? It would be great to be able to play with these models and the ones for Heretic look great too!
  • Really great work! Lots of great pixels there to blast! Please keep us posted, I hope to see these and any other models possessing my Doom install soon )
  • Thank you for the replies. I'd like to see Tei-Tenga ported to Doomsday, if that were possible. Someone on the Tei-Tenga moddb page was asking about it supporting Brutal Doom, and the developer responded that lots of stuff would have to be ported …
  • I hope these models will work with GZDoom and the Tei-Tenga Incident mod here http://www.moddb.com/mods/doomthe-tei-tenga-incident. Really great mod, with these new models it will be like a whole new Doom with classic gameplay!
  • I stumbled upon this place looking for information about mods for classics like Wolf3d, Doom, etc, it's great work still continues to update these games with some of the mechanics of the originals. I really like your models! I like the idea of havi…