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2012 Jun 8
Last Active
2017 Apr 28


  • Note that the build service (the "automated" environment) always builds with the equivalent of `-Wl,--as-needed`, which is not activated in a normal ("desktop") installation. Library symbol satisfaction happens from left-to-right, so the "-lz" in th…
  • Then it seems to have truly forgotten adding `-lz` and `-lGL` after assimp.a: https://build.opensuse.org/build/games/openSUSE_Leap_42.2/x86_64/doomsday/_log
  • jengelh wrote: BTW, you can use http://download.sf.net/deng/doomsday_1.12.0.exe instead "download.sf.net" is a geoproxy, which may be slow (and I have not yet seen a use case). Use "downloads.sf.net" (with the extra s) for a georedirect.
  • The source tarball seems to be absent. BTW, you can use http://download.sf.net/deng/doomsday_1.12.0.exe instead of the terribly long http://sourceforge.net/projects/deng/fi ... e/download
  • The fix is in the patch behind this URL: https://build.opensuse.org/package/view ... ject=games
  • I today received a patch... Index: doomsday- =================================================================== --- doomsday- +++ doomsday- @@ -…
  • I would ask you to use dots in all parts of the version number (, since the dash is used as a separator for releases at the distro level. md2tool is marked as GPL-2 only (due to the lack of "or later" wording). Is this intended? It does …
  • Heed gcc/rpmlint warnings. I: Program causes undefined operation (likely same variable used twiceand post/pre incremented in the same expressi on). e.g. x = x++; Split it in two operations. W: doomsday sequence-point portable/src/generators.c:…
  • skyjake wrote: In your situation, what would be the appropriate libdir? (and what is it giving you at the moment?) We could fix the logic for determining DENG_LIB_DIR, or we could add a way to manually override it at compilation time. You can…
  • The prefix is right, but libdir is not - at least in a few seldom cases. The qmake files check for `uname -m` being x86_64, which is ok as a default, but ultimately cannot reliably put libraries to where to distro puts them, as only distro build scr…
  • What's the qmake parameter required to set libdir or DENG_LIB_DIR? Using `qmake DENG_LIB_DIR=/usr/lib/doomsday` has no effect. (And I had hoped not having to modify config_unix.pri)