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2009 Jun 9
Last Active
2014 Jan 28


  • Haha, the irony. I hope you enjoy your new toy.
  • I'm a bit late, but hi, and congratulations. And, whoever did the site layout, brilliant work. It's really really good!
  • Good on ya' KuriKai. What sort of stuff was involved?
  • Initial Impression: KDE4. Afterwards: Clean and renders lovely. It's not very personal or "Doomsday" , just functional for discussion.
  • The cheeks are a little too wide, but otherwise, a very good rendition. Great one.
  • Well, we need a bit of info on your system. What graphics card and operating system in particular.
  • Downgrading Snowberry won't do a thing, as it's a bug in the actual engine. The clipping problems aren't going to disappear until they fully rewrite the code. I have no idea what's up with the models, but I want to see that awesome gargoyle and can'…
  • Well is there a program or something that would tell what version of an IWAD is being used? I'm supposing that Doom Collector's Edition uses the latest versions, but I have no idea with Heretic or Hexen.
  • Well the atmospheric ones sound good, not so much the action-ey ones, and all of them at least feel like the originals. Nice work.
  • It doesn't need to be totally faithful to the original if it looks really good, which this one definitely does! Now if only I could view it myself...
  • Hmmm. It'd be pretty impossible doing all that platforming in first-person. Have you tried playing the Flash version of Portal, and then tried the map pack of the Flash levels? It's infuriatingly hard to pull some of the tricks off! Maybe it could w…
  • Yeah that one happened to me too. Can you by any chance check if you get a crash when you try and select Random Character?
  • Another problem: Instant segfault when I move the selection over to Random Class in jHexen. And I did notice the clipping issue when I got stuck in one of the fireball shooters in Winnowing Hall.
  • http://www.dengine.net/blog/?p=205 Just a bit of context for you. These changes are not trivial, and breakages will happen. But the final result should work better than the previous one. Just because something used to work doesn't mean it was the…
  • I just tried a few versions. In 6.3, Heretic worked fine. In 6.4 and 6.5 it segfaults at startup. 6.5 is where the command line bug started occuring, ie: treating all arguments as files to add.
  • Well, so much for checking out Heretic looking gorgeous. It segfaults! Firstly, the command for starting Doomsday. $ doomsday -game jheretic -iwad ~/rom/iwad/heretic.wad -width 1280 -height 800 -bpp 32 Now the relevant part of the terminal ou…
  • I'm not bothered by the theming. It's clean and pretty consistent with the main page except for the orange. And what bad smileys? They all look OK.
    in Hi Comment by g6672D 2009 Jul 29
  • Wow, what Heretic setup is that? It looks _GORGEOUS_
  • What operating system are you running?
  • FMOD isn't available on some (most?) Linux distros because it's non-free. So, maybe an appropriate line in the build instructions, for example: Sample instructions wrote: - Download the version for your architecture, either 32 or 64. - Extract…
  • Well you can start Doomsday via command line arguments. Here's a sample from my ~/.bash_aliases (adds high-res texture pack and sets resolution) alias jdoom2="doomsday -game jdoom -iwad ~/iwad/doom2.wad -file ~/iwad/deng/jdtp-20081108.pk3 -width …
    in shortcuts? Comment by g6672D 2009 Jul 4
  • Wow, deary me, you're actually recommending ATI cards to a Linux user? Or rather, any user? And when Doomsday has issues with ATI cards right now?
  • Doomsday does in fact, build, and play under my Debian-based setup, even built for x86_64. But I get the occasional problem that doesn't exist on other platforms. So, I grab a copy now and again to see how it progresses, but that's about all. And…
  • That looks so much better in high detail. Nice!
  • Wow, that's pretty wacky. Also confirming the problem.
  • Chocolate Doom switches grabbing on and off depending on specific variables. See i_video.c, specifically, functions MouseShouldBeGrabbed and UpdateGrab. Doomsday has its own checkable values, so those could be used in the same way.
  • It also affects keyboard input, which makes controlling external programs such as media players impossible. While running windowed, it would be nice to have it give up control, but I don't know how simple (or not) it would be to do. It'd definitely …
  • Yeah it'll be nice having you around again, so welcome back! I'll have a look at your port at some point too.
    in Finally! Comment by g6672D 2009 Jun 15
  • 1: Yeah it happens here too. A workaround is to set it at startup via the -width # -height # -bpp 16/32 command line options. To save your fingers, you may prefer to alias it. 2: Happens here too. Saving game "saves" but doesn't save, as it only …
  • If you're so inclined, you can go to the print view of a thread, set posts-per-page to some amount higher and then save it as HTML. You'll have to do it for each page if applicable, but it's a fairly simple method.