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2016 Aug 13
Last Active
Apr 4, 20:42


  • Never mind, I asked this before and I have my answer.
  • Thanks for the reply, and that would make sense. Maybe with some fiddling I can make it work....lol.
  • Well I figured out why my music was not working on Doomsday 2.0 or 1.15.8. In my old install of Doomsday (long before 2.0) I had an addon pk3 named the "JDoom Environment Pack." (filename jdep-ext.pk3) This file works with my original Jdoom install …
  • Hello, I too cannot get the music working in any version of Doom (Ultimate, 2, Plut or TNT). I re-did the PK3 file as per your suggestion but all I get is title music and then when I load the first level, it just recycles the menu title music again.…
  • Ah ha! Finally figured it out, thanks skyjake. My key bindings were messed up, so resetting them and redoing them did the trick. I also had to increase the sensitivity. All is well now. Now I shall work on getting all the upgraded resources us…
  • Thank you, yes I did miss that option completely! But, I still can't figure out how to enable mouse look? It's just not working for me.