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2014 Jan 22
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2017 Dec 1


  • That worked around the problem, thanks! (My notification settings were such I didn't see your reply earlier.) Always fun to troubleshoot a complex build system you don't know, on a non-trivial codebase, and learning git features at the same time.
  • I realize I'm a random stranger (that's benefited from your work!) commenting on an older post, but between this and http://dengine.net/blog/2016/07/a-slow-build/, it sounds like you're building (in a VM) on a traditional platter HDD (sharing anothe…
  • Not enough info in your post to do anything with, and if you don't provide it up front, people expect it will be difficult, if not impossible, to help you. Are you saying it used to work well, then after updating to 1.15.8 you noticed the differe…
  • Did you update the Intel Video drivers or just go w/ the defaults that Win7 provided? The current incarnation of their Driver Update Utility (http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ ... etect.html) works pretty well for me. (I've got a C2D/Int…
  • DaniJ wrote: Another way to recover from this is to hold Shift and then right click the taskbar icon, this should open a popup context menu allowing you to 'Maximize'. Thank you - alternately, after clicking on the taksbar icon: Alt-Space t…
  • John wrote: In using the Console during a game to jump to a different map I think you will need to use "warp XX". I cannot seem to get "Map XX" to work but "Warp XX" seems to always work and no "-" needs to proceed "Warp", at least on my system. …
  • I just tested my "generic", but functionally a 360 - first I had to pull up the overlay (shift-esc) -> Input -> Enable Joystick. Then I could go into the control option within the "real" game and assign buttons/joysticks. (A bit tricky assigni…
  • Thanks, I now see it is listed in the wiki under Development -> Reporting Bugs. And listed in SkyJake's sig. I am blind.
  • I've a pretty bog-standard American English keyboard, relatively new install of deng, and had same problem. Key reports as: DD:39 Qt:0x60 Native:0xc0 key-apostrophe-up The bind commands SkyJake posted worked for me as well.
  • Rainman wrote: Doom 2 works now thank you. But i now have another problem i installed Doomsday to it's own location and put the addons in the snowberry addon folder then i ran the Doomsday program opened the Doom2.WAD file in my steam folder and t…
  • I'm just adding my agreement here - thank you! (For the 20th anniversary of Doom, I've been playing through the original levels again, reliving fond memories with my uncle and cousin.)