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MPD Psycho


MPD Psycho
2009 Sep 17
Last Active
2009 Dec 27


  • What do you mean by "original music"? Aren't these supposed to be included in the games already? I mean the games should play them by default.
  • Who's the guy who did the classic Doom / Doom 2 music packs? Is there a way to contact him to make one for TNT? Those are very well done, definitive best version of the original songs (I mean not remixes).
  • I guess I'm the mixed between you guys. Either everything stays the way it is or everything is customized, so I keep 2 separated versions of the games. If I want to play the original I'll play with Doom 95, and with jDoom I'll play with jDUI, jDRP, …
  • Psychikon wrote: Well, it's going to be a new episode anyway, isn't it? Well, yeah, but an ending would be nice. It looks very good with jDUI and custom music. I know I can always save, quit, turn off the jDEP, and reload, but that reall…
  • I already tried the "leavemap" and it does not work on level 8 of any episode of Ultimate Doom with jDEP on. It worked on every other level, though. I also found it strange that the same problem does not occur in Doom II when you beat a level before…
  • I tried the level name change and the exits on the final maps for each episode still cannot be triggered. Someone else has any luck?
  • The spelling of the song file on .ded file and the actual file name doesn't match.
  • The game works fine without the jDEP, but I really like the additional depth perception, the realistic sky, and some glows. Also, I found out that the jDEP doesn't work on Shareware Doom.
  • I tried putting the nointermission flag in the code but that doesn't seem to work. I always thought the flag was meant for weather the intermission (% complete) screen is to be shown. I haven't tried the name change yet. If anyone has does it fix th…
  • Play the first few levels of Doom I and II back to back on the same difficulty and you'll realize why you aren't meant to have the super shotgun in Doom I.
  • Here's another problem with jDEP when used with Ultimate Doom. In the final (8th) level of every episode, the Exit cannot be triggered. For example, after I kill the Cyberdemon in e2m8 I still get to keep walking around instead of finishing the leve…
  • How do you make an all-in-one music pack for Shareware Doom/Ultimate Doom/Doom II/Plutonia Experiment? Does any one have a skeleton code for the .ded file? Note that I use different music set for Shareware Doom and Ultimate Doom.