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2016 Jun 6
Last Active
Aug 14, 13:10


  • I didn't make a screenshot, but I think a poster in the other thread did, it has a screenshot of doomsday where all the games are gone, and doomsday say it can't resolve or find the path if you try to manually set the directories it used to find on …
  • Possible, but now that I think about it, this isn't limited to FreeDoom; over in the Heretic section there's someone whose Doomsday doesn't recognize the Steam Heretic wad; where with me it does recognize that, but Doomsday doesn't recognize the Hex…
  • I don't think so; if there was no support for FreeDoom, why is FreeDoom standard in the "Other Games" section of DE2?
  • Strange, Doomsday does find my Heretic from Steam, it can also find base Hexen, but the Hexen Deathkings expansion it can't find. Edit: Build 2829 does find the Deathkings addon.
  • So, how do I get this to work in Doomsday? I zipped up the pk3 thing and renamed it to .pk3 but what to do with the .ini? Also Doomsday doesn't even recognized the pk3 file.
  • Okay, so here is what should be the solution: uninstall doomsday, then delete the following folder: c:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Deng Team\ Then reinstall Doomsday; that should allow Doomsday to go properly find the games, and show up ag…
  • >This can't be fixed by removing spaces from folder names, or by unzipping any of > those packs into Doomsdays folder. Removing the spaces is only partly about getting the sprites to work, unpacking them was an attempt at getting them to w…
  • I have the same problem after trying to add an addon folder than had a subfolder with spaces in it. Considering some addons wouldn't load if it spaces in it; and this is a problem with the path, as in Doomsday can't find the folders at all, and the …
  • I have to say, the Cacodemon model is great, however, on the dead Cacodemon making the bottom completely even red because you would never see under it as it is on the ground... is a tiny miscalculation:
  • Now this is what I'm talking about; https://www.moddb.com/mods/doom-hd-weapons-and-objects/#7093046 Sadly Doomsday doesn't do anything with the base package.
  • Cyber demon is too stocky though, it needs to be taller.
  • Oh, what seens my eye on that page, "Spectre". Aha, I guess I still had the model loaded, I didn't know the invisible pick demon was called the spectre by the game. Interestingly it did create effectively the same look as the original, just that …
  • Which to me begs the question; what exactly was/is in Brutal Doom that it was incompatible with Doomsday, and if you're going to mess with the particles and rendering related stuff anyway, is it possible to make it compatible?
  • The Risen pack models look even worse.
  • Simply the addon packages from this site; I renamed them to something that was easier for me to recognize what they were, and gave them spaces, then they wouldn't load. Renamed them again with underscores instead of spaces, and it worked.
  • I had this problem and figured out why it happened with me and my solution: Doomsday doesn't like spaces in the file names. Although it sees the files, and can see what's in it; the moment it actually goes to load the content when you add it to a…
  • It will indeed raise the weapons higher, but I just don't like the models; the shotgun shoots fully first and only then jerks upward for example, while the sprite moves up and shoots at the same time. They neither look, nor feel, like the original w…
  • Deleting persist.pack was not enough to solve the problem, deleting the entire doomsday directory that contained persist.pack did solve the problem. I remember going about figuring out how to configure a game with Ultimate Doom solely first, going b…
  • Also; clicking the "select wad" button in the middle of the screen right at startup, and picking one of the GOG directories produces a "Segmentation violation", and error box produces a load of text that is too long to post; attached as text file.
  • But I'm not asking for more; I'm asking for less. I'm saying it doesn't require an entire separate front end; this will work just fine; and nothing full on extra is needed. If DE can have multiple games loaded via a front end, and/or startup para…
  • There's no doomsday.out file; and I have no idea what the format of the savegames are, nor where they are stored. I put them in with the doomsday executable, and it does not find them there. The packages it shows present are two different test mo…