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Pure vanilla 32 map pack?

edited 2014 May 6 in DOOM
Hello people,

I'm looking for a few mods that doesn't use new textures nor sprites, yet being good, the reason behind this is so I can fully enjoy a few sets of maps on doomsday with it's add-ons.

There are two I'm looking at this very moment for now (hellow dtwid 1 and 2). Preferentially those with multiplayer support for cooperative and/or DM. :)

Thanks in advance!

Off-topic: how are doomsday's multiplayer status? Is it playable? I vaguely remember it accepting to join a server with a pwad loaded in it with a totally different pwad instead or sometimes none at all.


  • Hi, the following megawads are pretty vanilla and have some epic levels that look amazing with Doomsday:

    Alien Vendetta
    The Darkening 1 & 2
    Hell Revealed 1 & 2

    I dont know the status of the multiplayer but I hope to have a go at joining some DM games in the near future :)
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