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Extreme lag with a large number of server in multiplayer tab

Hello, since all my server turn up, I have 24 server in the multiplayer tab (12 public & 12 from the LAN), and i now have 2 frames per seconds instead of 75+-.

Any idea what could cause this, or it's simply a limitation of the current application ?


  • I have actually never tried running that many servers on the same machine. I assume the client is not running on the same machine as well?

    It might be related to the LAN auto discovery feature. Could you try running the client with the “-noautodiscovery” option?
  • indeed it seems to be related to the lan discovery. I wasn't able to run the -noautodiscovery option on the client, but I isolated the server to another vlan, and with only the masterlist pushing the info, there was no lag.
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