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Heretic SOTSR Episode 2

edited 2016 Nov 15 in Technical Support
I'm having a problem that was reported (and fixed I think) long ago. I have the retail version of Shadow of The Serpent Riders. The first episode works fine but in the second episode (Hell's Maw) I notice that weapons fire of the enemy's in the first episode visualize incorrectly in the second. The Fire Gargoyles fireball shot is a good example of that (lighted shadows only in the Hell's Maw & beyond). Projectiles from enemies found only in the second episode and beyond visualize correctly.

I also recall there was a simple fix but don't remember what it was. I've used dengine versions 1.9+ and 2.0 up to 2069 and all behave the same. Does anyone remember what the fix for this was?




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